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How Are Marketing, Advertising And Public Relations Related To Each Other?

Public relations is a form of communication. It relates to every sort of organization, commercial or non-commercial, in the public or private sector along with communicating with all the people with whom the organization has contact.Marketing emphases on products (or services), their price, promotion and place (distribution.) These collectively are known as the marketing mix or “the four p’s”. If another P, for perception is added to this mix, PR would come in influentially since; public relations can be applied to every part of the marketing mix, of which advertising, the one the public are most familiar with, is just an ingredient.Of many definitions of advertising, one is as follows “Advertising puts forward the most convincingly possible selling message to the accurate prospects for the product or service at the lowest possible price.” It presents the message through various creative skills of copywriting, illustration, layout, typography, scriptwriting and video making based on a theme. The focus is on selling, which varies very much from that of public relations’ role of informing, educating and creating understanding through knowledge.’

There is however a major relationship between advertising and pr. Advertising is more likely to be successful when preceding pr activity has generated knowledge and understanding of the product or service being promoted. This can sometimes be referred to as market education and is an applied example of how pr can help the marketing strategy. It is wise business practice for public relations to work along with advertising, instead of relying exclusively on advertising to break into a new market or to introduce a new and unknown product or service. Many new products have failed to sell merely, because there is no build up or market education and hence the advertising expenditure was a waste of money.It can virtually be considered as a bigger activity than advertising, because it relates to all the communications of the entire organization, whereas advertising, although it may cost more than pr, is primarily limited to the marketing function. Public relations is definitely not free advertising, if done well, it is time consuming and time costs money. While the cost of an advertisement is always known, the cost of fortifying editorial space or radio/TV air time is tough to quantify but its benefit is often of great value.Organizations may not use advertising, but every organization is involved in public relation. Another variance lies in the finances of the two – advertising agencies usually receive their income from a commission based fee structure, with monies received being spent on media and production costs. Public relation companies however develop income from time and quality of work implemented, with monies received being spent on staff salaries.

It embraces everyone and everything, whereas advertising is limited to selling and buying tasks such as endorsing goods and services, purchasing supplies and recruiting staff. Public Relations has to do with the entire communications of an organization; it is, therefore, more wide and comprehensive than advertising. On occasions public relation possibly will use advertising, which is why it is neither a form of advertising nor a part of advertising, but a misunderstood, crucial tool that cuts right across the marketing mix.